Surface Mining

Modules made custom for the open pit mine.

In the challenging and dynamic world of mining, the effective management of data is nothing short of essential.

Designed with a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by surface mining operations, our software offers unparalleled advantages that make it the optimal choice for the mining sector.

With a focus on safety, efficiency, and precision, our solution ensures seamless data flow and in-depth insights, ultimately optimising decision-making and enhancing productivity in this complex and often hazardous setting. Explore the LiveMine product suite and see why it is the best-suited solution for your mining operation.

What's Next: Implementation Process

2 Days

IT Engagement

We'll build your server with your in-house IT team.

2 Days

System Setup

Now you have the knowledge, we'll work together to set up your LiveMine system.

1-4 Days

Transform and roll out

Roll out your training and implement the system into your production environment.

1 Day

Admin Training

Select your champions and get them trained to lead the implementation at your site.

1 Day

Plan the training

Identify, empower and train the trainers to spread the knowledge.

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