Get To Know: Matt Brice

Joining LiveMine in 2023, Matt has transformed customer success through his dedication to ensuring users have the best experience with the product suite.

Matt started his career at the early age of 20, with Barminco Australia, “I didn’t think mining was for me at first, but I gave it a try. It didn’t take long and I absolutely fell in love with underground mining.”


“For me, an underground mine, back in those early years was like a massive playground.”


Trying all roles in the mine to learn all he could, Matt has experience in most areas including nipper, truck driver, service crew, charge up, bogger operator, remote bogger operator and a trainee jumbo operator.


Matt had the exciting opportunity to work for Australian Contract Mining in Johannesburg, describing it as one of his favorite sites. “It was my first overseas job, and it was just really exciting and a great life experience.”


When asked about the best parts of the LiveMine product suite Matt said, “looking at all the knowledge that we now have compared to a paper PLOD where you can barely understand somebody’s handwriting.”


“When you see all the administration and engineering staff not have to go through every paper PLOD, particularly on a on a site that's say it's a 25-man crew.”


In his role as customer success lead at LiveMine, Matt works tirelessly to ensure our product suite is working to its full potential on site. “It has such a positive impact, and it makes you want to work here and want to continue to get the product out there as much as possible.”


Making the switch to a corporate position hasn’t slowed Matt down, in 12 months with LiveMine Matt has been on over 30 site visits. “I’m very passionate about the mining industry, particularly in WA, and I really wanted to see it become more efficient, just a better place for all the guys to work.”

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